Silence No More

Starting with a simple word, creating sentences into rhymes

a neverending pattern that must be followed with a solidarity of sadness.

Words flowing from my brain onto the paper, 

explaining things like my mouth never could.

Do this, say that, a controlling force,

voices in my head screaming against the pressure of my skull, 

pushing them out in ink instead of sounds.

Until all is silent at once,

the demonic screams are no more and there is nothing,

nothing but the words on the paper left to tell my story. 

But in them there is a hidden message,

thoughts peering out like light through cracks in a cold brick wall.

I am a survivor, they proclaim,

I have made it through the battle and you can contain me no more! 

Your bitter thoughts and harsh words that controlled my every emotion,

erased from existence. 

I am not simply a voice inside an empty tomb, no,

I am a human with a talent to express my emotions on paper

so that the rest of the world may know

that they are not alone in their battle...





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