Single Dot


United States
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Single Dot
In a world of white,
There is a single dot.
It appears to be perfect from afar.

When you get closer to it,
You see that it is different;
Different than you first thought.

It has a clear bonding between two circles,
Both circles quite different from each other.
One circle is a dark gray, almost the same color as the world.
It is used to hiding away from others;
Not really expecting others to notice it.

The other dot is brighter,
Much more noticeable.
It is used to socializing with others;
But it is not a desirable shape or color.

One day, they notice each other from a distance.
Both were afraid to get any closer,
But still found each other interesting.

As time passed, they grew found of each other’s flaws.
They both had scratches and tears,
But found beauty in every little one.

They slowly drifted closer together,
And one day,

A soft light shinned where they touched.
It was as if the pure love from a first kiss had transformed into light.
It was beautiful.

The seam now that bonds them together is strong.
With no end,
No gaps,
No boundaries.

They are one.

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