Slam Behind the Curtain


I have many a friend,

I will follow them to the end.

But do they actually see me

And who I want to be?

There is a man behind the curtain,

In that I am certain.

I hide behind my masks,

And my true self one could see if only they ask.

There are few who see and few that know,

And only to them my true self I show.

They see an imagination that is another universe,

I show them my best, and I show them my worst.

They see my heart, and my compassion for others.

They know that from me, few words I utter.

I am ready and willing to serve them happily,

And I’m always thinking creatively.

But others, what do they see?

How do they perceive me?

For the ones that know me not,

I am a boy that doesn’t like to be taught.

I try to be funny and make them laugh.

They think I’m following people down a path.

They don’t see I try to lead,

And they don’t know what I truly need.

They don’t see that I have a heart,

Only instead that I just do my small part,

They see that I do just enough to get by,

They think my goals aren’t set that high.

But really I’m hiding,

Behind the curtain, I’m abiding,

Only those closest see my face,

And in my heart they have a special place,

But to others I’m a little shy,

And when I want to fit in I’m an annoying guy,

If only behind the curtain they could see,

Then and only then they would see the true me.


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