So I can live


Why do I write, why do you breath?

Why do I cry, speak and scream

Oh why, oh why do I write?

Shut up, listen, I’ll talk to you later

And when later never comes I am left to myself and only myself

Who is left there other than myself to talk to when I am left alone in this darkness

I write because I need to speak

I need to cry, to speak to scream

I need it so

I need it like the breath that flows to and from my lungs I need it like water and freedom


I need to express because my words aloud are never good enough for you

They bore you; bore you into the holes of disinterest and ignorance in which I am ignored without a second thought

Am I not interesting? I’m sorry except I’m not.

When I write I am heard and when I am heard I can breathe

And when I can breathe, well, you know the rest.

Why do I write, why aren’t you listening

Read these lines, what I have to say, read them like you breath

In, out, in and out

Deep ragged breaths or shallow intakes

it doesn’t matter much to me

Don’t hold your breath I see you struggle

You don’t want to read, to listen to me,

It’s alright


Fine by me

Because I wrote

To you, I wrote what I needed to say

What I needed to express

Do you think of me any less?

I should hope not considering I am breathing you are breathing

In and out, deep ragged breaths and shallow intakes

You read it like I’d hope you would

You heard me you finally did

Because I wrote

 After all these years no one has listened to me

 my only escape, my only salvation

The reason I’ve pressed on with hopes of reaching you, someone

anyone really,

To find some way to get them to listen to me

And as it turns out you were never going to listen to me


 Just as I write, you can read just as well

I’ve been heard and now I can breath

I can fly and soar and smile

No more crying, screaming


I don’t need it

Because I wrote

Because I write

It’s all I need it’s all I want

It’s helped me, it has

Why do I write?

So I can breath

So I can be heard

So I can live.


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