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People think

It's for the money,

It's for the fame,

It's for the TV shows,


Screaming fans.

But that's not it.


Being a musician is worth much more

Than the artificialities

That give only temporary happiness.


Singing speaks to more than just the

Thousands upon thousands of screaming fans

Or the music producers.


It speaks to everyone.

The kid who sits alone,

Worried nobody will like him;


The girl who hates herself,

For being "too fat";


The young teenage boy, who,

Scared of being criticized,

Sits alone, quiet and silent

In the obnoxiously loud world he lives in.



Inspires the uninspired,

Gladdens the depressed,

And breathes energy

Into dying souls and dreams.


Music is life. It speaks to all.

A singer's goal is not to sell millions

It's to inspire them.


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