Sorrow's Avail


Seeds from the regretfully accomplished actions,

led your emotions to conduct more bad transactions.

Initially the intentions were adequately justified,

therefore, you seemed artificially satisfied.

Until the necessary consequences suitably transpire,

converting a satisfactory situation into something dire.

That's when you begin to realize where you went wrong.

An epiphany that respectively conveys to you what's really going on.

Did "satisfactory" honestly transform to "dire" unexpectedly?

Indeed, due to feelings that went from optimistically to resentfully.

Now, these are actions, that shouldn't have been done.

Now, these are actions, that are no longer fun.

With this newborn sorrow, comes a very important life liesson.

That is taught in a variety of numerous extended speculation sessions.

In due time, the lesson will possibly be learned,

along with the peace of mind and forgiveness, which will potentially be earned.

One lesson ends and another will soon begin.

On with the abundance of opportunities to sin.

You will always be justly given a chance to pass or fail.

Nonetheless, you can always be presented, with Sorrow's Avail.

-Ajalon Divine Labranche



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