Stand on your head


One job may change my life.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

My pen clicks back into its safe plastic shell.

I am jealous.

How easy it would be to live this life in a shell.

In danger of pain?


We are protected.

In danger of suffering?


We are safe.

As a human race we have weak defenses against this.

Where is our plastic shell?

Where is our protection?

How do you look someone in the eye after seeing a tumor?

How do you tell them to have a great day when you know it may one of their last?

I feel powerless.

I resent the human body for being weak.

I am angered there is nothing I can do.

I am tired of seeing the problem and watching them walk away.

Never knowing.

Never helping.

Just hurting.

Inflicting pain.

So I click my pen.

Click. Click. Click. Cli…


I refuse this reality of life.

There are options.

In absence of knowledge, I have only hope.

With knowlege, I have power.

I can be the shelter for the sick.

I can change my life.

I can be a nurse.


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