Storms a' Steeping

Sitting in a room in the dark with the shades up

quietly absorbing the vibrations gently rocking the penthouse,

I am still.


Basking in the intermittent, fleeting flashes of fluorescent 

blue, yellow, and ultraviolet lightning

I listen to the gentle rainfall on the roof and look down, 

watching puddles form on the sidewalks.


Another flash of electric lilac illuminates the tea leaves twirling 

in the glass tea tumbler gently clasped between my hands. 

The irregularly curled leaves sporadically change direction 

until they come to rest on the bottom, unfurling.


The earthy taste and steam combined with another 

clap of thunder rekindle my tie with nature.  

Tea is the ultimate storm-experiencing beverage, I think

as I thank God I'm not colorblind.


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