Street Violence

The raging political climate makes me feel

like water is boiling underneath my floor.

Shouldn't we be done "deciding" arbitrarily

which bodies get rights

and which bodies to put into building projects,

destined for poverty and murder and a bottle.

"We should keep an eye out for those on welfare

because it can't be taken from the needy,

unless they're black, fuck that, not my problem."

Becky, your pink hat is blocking your view

from obvious hatred you blanket with #bodypositivy

and "good vibes only fam"

and when you call the cops who have already written a verdict

on your Latino male neighbor for

"making a LOT of noise after nine p.m.",

you're no better than the cowards

  that shoot little black boys for playing at the park.

If you ask a person of color, they'll tell you

a white person's voice is a heater

and we fucking use it.

This poem is about: 
My country


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