The Struggle Is Real


The struggle is real. That is a sentence that is all too familiar.

It isn't some joke to me. It's what used to define me.

When you grow up in a Christian household, you expect life to be easy.

You think, "I'm close to Jesus, so I'm good."

When an addiction enters your life, you have no idea how to react.

Especially when you're addiction is the addiction to pornography.

That hits you hard.

You ask and ask and ask for forgiveness, but continue the sin.

You can't stop and it overcomes your life.

For six years, you struggle with an addiction you never thought you would face.

For six years you cry your eyes out begging God for forgiveness.

He forgives each and every time, regardless of the fact that you go back to the pornography.

But one day, after years and years of prayer, you finally put your foot down.

You say enough is enough. And you quit forever.

But you still have to face the past and what you did.

You can either run from it, or face it.

You just have to forgive yourself first and accept the past.

You can't change the past, but you can change the future with the past.


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