Suicidal Part 1

The voices in my head are crying out and screaming

My soul sobs in distress and agony

My heart beats anxiously, fearing what may become of me

And my eyes spout tears pouring down my face like a ravenous downpour


I take the bottle filled with my demise 

and open it with no hesitation 

The negativity within possesses my every move

While the real me is locked away deep in my forgotten space


I pour out as many pills as my hand permits me

And with a swig of water, I attempt to down it all like a shot of whiskey


My body slowly begins to react to the many chemicals entering it 

With too much of it to process, my body gives up on even trying to live

Knowing fully there’s no way it can come back from this


As my body gives up, the world disappears around me

I’m now shrouded in a place of darkness

No telling whether heaven or hell is before me

But I know I have sinned greatly, to all who may still have a little shroud of care for me


They should have saved me when they had the chance


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