Hey doll-

It's just me again.

It can be cold here, still, I'll have you know-

And you, kid, are what keeps me goin'.

I survived fine without you-

I don't need anyone-

But I want you.

You're a star.

And I'm a bum, by comparison.

A slob.

A bitter old asshole.

But I got a soft spot for ya', kid.

And you, above all else, are what I'd do anything for.

The world is cruel, and we're the good ones.

I like things bittersweet, and you're as much saccharine as I can handle.


And I'll be frank-

I kinda love you for it, babe.

I'd walk my fat ass to the ends of the earth if it meant you're sweet soul grew bright because of it.

So don't you dare carry on with that fuckin' "thank you" shit.

That's for all the rest of 'em.

I expect them to show their thanks.

We're past that, doll.

We're somethin' together.

You and I are un-severable.

We can face cold winds and trials by fire...

Yeah, I got a soft spot for ya'.

I've spent my many days thinkin' up passive aggressive love poems.

But I'm not a sap-

And that's fuckin' stupid.

You're my doll.

And I'm at your disposal at this point.

You've let me steal glances and never complained.

I owe it to ya'.

And I ain't usually on the owing end of anything.

But for you I don't even mind.

Believe me, babe.

I'm too old and rotten to take time sugarcoatin' anything.

Velma, you're the prettiest fuck I've ever seen in my time.

All these kids and their dumb-fuck eyelashes and pin-curls.

You're worth the whole damn bunch put together.

(Yeah I read, what of it?)

I ain't no bleeding heart, but I'm spillin' what I have left of it to you tonight.

You've got somthin'.

I don't even know-

But somethin'.

And, sad to say, substance in anything is rare now-a-days.

And though I've never belonged to anyone, in this tired old life of mine.

I'm yours, babe.

I'm yours.