Tick, Tick


What makes my mind tick?


Questions might, numbers won't. I see no value in values, science or quotes.  

Not calculus, no physic rubbish. All that makes my mind sluggish.


What makes my mind tick is the tick tick click of the metronome trickery of the minds in those wondering how I keep the beat. 

I think about why C Minor is sad and why F major has the mad effect of those leaving a trojan horse.

My mind thinks about a crash course in piccolo or a seminar on drums moving thump thump with my heartbeat. 

I think about Bach Beethoven and Brohms baking graceful beats in my ear toms. Never knowing that with each wave of their left handed music making wand or baton they're creating the next musical spawn in me. 


So save you're algebraic equations and your microbiology.

I need no inspiration than that of the tick tick click of the metronome living inside of me.




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