Mon, 04/22/2013 - 19:06 -- liljody

Growing up in a violent community where all I see is dope fiens and crack pipes, this isn’t a way of living so it seems like there is no way out. Drug dealers distribute drugs to the little kid round twelve and thirteen on the block using them as a distraction when looking out for the cops. Yea I know it’s a dirty thing to do but to them it is the only thing to do. Sometimes I use to think selling dope was the only way to make it growing up watching my biggest brother cook crack in the basements, even though we come from a descent family but sometimes family isn’t enough living in projects trying to make that fast buck. But drug aren`t the only thing effecting this community little kids growing up with no intentions of impunity. Now gangs controlling the streets just how back in the days the police did when there was no freedom of speech, I can’t help but to preach cause in my eyes this is all I see. People killing each other over a word we call beef, but you can see in my community violence has taken over leaving people with only few opportunities!

So now I can only imagine my new community with PEACE, LOVE, and HAPPIENS in it. The peace coming from the family vibe you getting wakening up hearing bird singings instead of the police sirens ringing. Knowing you and your next door neighbor now gets along instead of beefing over things that could be wrong. Love comes from knowing your family member or close friend is not doing anything illegal, but instead they spread joy to every person in the community. And happiness comes from the feeling you get day and night not having to worry about you or your loves ones getting killed, so now as family in this community we can build on better dreams and brighter futures.

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