The Unnoticed

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 13:37 -- kathy99

The ocean and world powers,

Two very distinct yet powerful elements dwelling in the planet

Where their limit and potential are endless leading humanity

to fear for future generations to come.

Who can ascertain the Earth’s fate while the unknown aptitude of such

Omnipotent figures reign the world?

But one thing is for sure,

humanity and the inhabitants of the ocean comprehend the importance

Of  small yet influential forces of the shadows that go unnoticed,

That make these beasts what they are;

The community of sedulous entities that drift through

the lowest level of their ecosystem, working on tasks that beings residing above

refuse to struggle for.

Living beings operating in the dusk under majesties and powerful leaders

Labor relentlessly awaiting the reward of unreachable recognition.

Nonetheless, their modesty overwhelms their pride

Resulting in their submission and silent protest

for the acknowledgement they deserve.

The unrecognized heroes of the underworld,

Producing and providing food for their companions settled among them,

Are the hardworking plankton, aggressively

fighting for the survival of all their dependents.

And minorities, in warfare for the sole purpose of decent acceptance,

With humility in their hearts,

Build culture, history, success, and meaning to the creation of the Earth.

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