An unpredictable world


We all hide behind something in this unpredictable world.I for one hide behind a curtain.
I've been told to come out from behind this curtain with dignity,confidence,self-esteem,and pride.
What I hide behind separates me from the perfection of the world but who is known to be perfect when we all have flaws
I hide behind a dark curtain dark enough so no one can see me

I peek from behind one side and see girls known as the perfect ones, girls who seem happy but behind these smiles are sad only seeing this makes me go back, back where I am called imperfect,black,thick,ugly,too tall,and someone who speaks her mind words of disgust
Afraid but curious I look on the other side and see girls known as imperfect different with personalities the world pushes away but they seem to be happy with these imperfect qualities still smiling behind smile and there is light ,there is confidence, there is pride with each smile I step out as those whispers and words once pushing me behind this dark curtain allows every step I take to turn this curtain into light
A curtain where everyone can see me

I step out and with the silence of this unpredictable world I show signs of courage ,confidence,self esteem and pride written on the flaws of my body and never again hide behind that curtain of darkness because I too have smil


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