Being known in the street is good cause I am unique. Getting respect and moving fast in the fastlane will get me paid.

Even though I'm only 18 and I should seek a legit job

It feels good puttin bread in my pocket

stackin racks til my eyes bleed

And my needs match my wants

And my moms get her needs 

But displeased with my actions

She's worried I might get shot or murdered

I told her it's okay

I got you, I got us

I'm the man of the house

That means I'm a bread winner

Puts the food on the table

Stands strong

And protects all

But I guess I'm not much of a man cause a man comes from another man 

And I haven't had the right guidance 

So I guess I'll pass

Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the wrong doings that harm my life

I'm not a bad kid 

But if the others can see

pass my misery

I would be a better person

If I had more supporters to like me and except me for me 

maybe I won't compete

maybe I won't run the streets

If you could just see my future and disregard my past 

maybe then I'll be a man 

Holding responsibilities down to the 'T'

My wife won't ever have to bother me. 

Stackin paper to get paper 

Satisfying my fam and myself

Mostly myself

Some say I'm cocky

That I must admit

I love spending time and energy on me

'Cause  I can't go a day without thinking about me first 

it's the least I can do. Love myself before somebodyelse tries to

If I don't love myself first I wouldn't know how to

Explore relationships and obtain love

'Cause I wanna be that loving person

Having love for every individual

Respecting one another

Helping one another

Guiding one another

And protecting one another

I wish I could be stronger.

I wish my destiny would lead me to positivity.

I'm tired of being negative

Ye, if only they could see

What I could see

A better me

In a changed place

If only they could believe. 



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