Its days like this I feel like I'm at war
Ironically, it's raining and it pours
Memories are days when such worries
didn't exist
Who do I turn to, when I'm faced with this
Loneliness and anxiety...sleepless nights
Lie down in my bed...cry and cry
Wondering what will become of my life
All I do is accept and sigh
They say change is inevitable, No matter what one may face
But I say life is a race
Run fast, no about face
But it seems like the light just gets further away
Take a breather permanent, Thats the easiest way
This is temporary, don't sit down and lose
But I don't know what's real anymore
Please tell the truth
Exhaustion is no longer a physical state
Still I keep moving and I wait
Wait for love, wait for a miracle
Or an act of God
Are you okay, they ask
And I'll always nod

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