Water colors


Day by day the colors change.

Weeks after weeks you grow.

Months after months your colors are bold.

Years after years you are strong to show.



Days pass.

Days change.

Days fade.

Days stay the same .

Time goes on,

But here I am.

Stuck in a vortex for which no one else can see.

I am alone.

In a box that only I believe.

The world is a strange place.

So many people,

Yet I feel so lonely.


Do you ever have that feeling,

Where you know.

You know there is Wrong,

but you also know there's right.

Forever stuck in a conflict,

Only I can write.


My heart beats for

the sunshine

for the sand

my heart stops for

the lonely

and for the poor

my heart goes out to

the people at war

and to the lives lost

my heart does many things

that I will be forever greatful for




I wait

Days turn to weeks

I lose faith 

My brain

Turns into a catastrophe 

When you are not here 

So hold me closely darling,

for I will have no more fear.

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