Weekly Routine


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This is your weekly routine.
You walk through the hallways of our school
talking with yor friends about assasin's creed or Halo,
stuff that I can't relate to because I'm a girly-girl
and I don't even know how to work a game controller.
But that's what you want right?
A girl who knows how to work a game controller?
Well, I'm sorry I'm not that kind of girl
because my aunt taught me that yound ladies do not
go around playing with little boys and their "game controllers."
She taught me that in order to get respect from others i must respect myself fitrst
and I need yo hold on to that dignity that you
yearn for...
that you...
crave for...
try to take everytime we text and you say
"my house,this weekend, you up for it baby?"
This...is your weekly rountine.
You meddle your way into my mind knowing that i'll let you in every time.
You take advantage of every chance that you get
because you know i'm not stong enought to resist you.
You take your sex-driven claws and dig them into my virgin mind.
They scratch against me, just like nails on a chalk board,
just like trains on tracks haulting to a stop .
You continue to scratch, but you STILL choose to ignore what you do to me.
Your mind games are like dope and i'm the dope addict.
I can't get enough of them or you because
when I see you walking down the halls of out school talking with your friends
about Assasins Creed or Halo, I forget all about what my aunt said
about staying away from you and your "game controller."
And just with that simple phrase, "my house, this weekend, you up for it baby?"
I'm drawn back in as your sex-driven claws tear me to shreads.
This, is your weekly routine.

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