Welcome to life

Sat, 11/18/2017 - 01:15 -- leosalo

Dear me,
Welcome to life.
At this point, you are not in a good place.
Everyday is a struggle to find peace.
You're stressed, anxious, and lets face it, depressed.
The sad thing is, that this feeling is never gonna end.
You've been stuck in a never ending cycle of wanting to slip into the silent void, and wanting to live a successful, happy life.
And it's never gonna end.
You can make it.
You are a cactus, you are developing in a harsh environment.
But through the little resources you have, you can thrive, and grow flowers and fruit.
It's hard. I know it is.
You are going to struggle and struggle to find peace.
But you'll find a way.
A way to step away from that void you wish would consume you.
A way to accomplish your dreams.
You're at the bottom of the well,
But one day you can pull yourself out.
And when you do some will be waiting for you,
With an outstretched hand,
And a smile saying, "Welcome to life".

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