What Happened to Home?

My body doesn’t know how to be cold

It rejects intolerance and hatred

But with you it finds ease


Your sin has encompassed all of you

Its consumed your every being


With it its taken the foundation of our family

Our trust and our love for you has been crushed


My sadness lies in a clump at the bottom of my stomach

There’s a lump in my throat when I think of your betrayal


The word dad doesn’t mean the same

Just like the feeling of your hug doesn’t have the same effect on me


There’s a part of me that forgives you and is ready to accept you into my life again

It’s clouded by memories from the past

But it’s not true

That person who raised me was a lie


You carry this burden of hiding who you are,

for me and my sister

Thank you for your consideration

But it didn’t help at all.


Be who you are.



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