What's in a poem?



It is freedom and life 

It’s words are angels

they could save you

the love seeps through.

The words might be weapons

they can pierce your heart 

the blood gushes out.


What’s in a poem?

Poetry is strong and proud

The words are stars and stripes

America the beautiful

Land that I love!

But words can also mean slavery

Working dusk till dawn

Oh Lord, save me!


What’s in a poem?

It is laughter and singing

Church bells ringing 

Happy couples dancing

Joy is all around.

Words are hateful and deceitful

Murders of my soul

The pain is more than I can bear.


What’s in a poem?

Words can be like Christmas in Winter

The sound of children playing

Giggling as they go

Running through the snow. 

Yet words can also be 9/11 in ’01

People crying on the streets

Lost loved ones never found.


What’s in a poem?

Why don’t you tell me?



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