For When Someone Decides I'm Worth Loving

Don’t love me

Unless you can take all of me,

The broken parts too.

I am the land and

The ocean, the sky,

All twisted and twined into 

A stick figure of a girl.

I stand at 5’5”, only

On the tips of my toes

And your arm? It’s 

Bigger than my thigh.

Still, don’t look at me

As if I am a small feat.

My insides may be at war,

But you are not Caesar

You cannot conquer me.

And you can not stop the aching

Feeling in my heart, like

Someone drilling holes, deep

Like a cavity, I am rotting away.

Love all of me, and 

Stop looking at me as a

Grain of sand.

I am the entire beach

And I need love in

Even the parts swept

Away by the sea.


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