Where I'm From

I'm from green grass

And summer skies

From cousin's laughter and happiness

Through a child's eyes

I'm from Nonnie's house

And little dolls

To going and playing

As snow falls

I'm from here and there

And back again

Never staying long

But having many friends

From "it is what it is"

And "you'll be fine"

To children bickering

And 'hey that's mine!"

I'm from sleepovers

with best friends 

To a phone conversation

That never end

From having diabetes

To carb counting endlessly

From the church where I tend to be

It's like a second home to me

It has caused me to move a lot

And not stay very long in one spot 

I'm from pictures all over my walls

To boxes stacked all down the halls 

But I know wherever my family may be 

We'll be together happily

This poem is about: 
My family