Who am I?

I am that girl in the corner

That brown girl with the wicked frizzy hair

And dirty glasses

And the sarcastic sense of humor

With the small voice

And the even smaller nose

Who looks like she’s coming undone

But maybe that’s because I don’t drink milk like I’m supposed to

I am the one with the shaky hands and steady heartbeat

The one words can't describe, not because I cannot fix my mouth to speak,

But because the words just dont exist to roll so sweetly off my tongue

The “calm, cool and oh so collected” friend who's always around

I am auntie, sister, friend, and girlfriend

I am necessary. I am heard.

I am the offerer and rarely the taker

Made of honey and coconut

I am inflection, and intellect

I am she whoshares the night sky with the moon

And has the sun’s shimmer is reflected in the melanin in my skin

I am not lesser than, never have been, never will be.

I am hindsight and insight.

I need only be asked.

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