Whole Milk


Young folks these days are constantly surrounded by expectations

Look like this! Wear these clothes! Lose weight! Be attractive!

But for some reason, none of this media propoganda ever stuck with me. 

I've cruised through these past 19 years of life doing what I do best:

Being myself. 

I wear clothes that I like. I eat foods that I like. I spend time with people that I like.

It's never crossed my mind to do things differently. 

Spending time or energy on things I didn't love seemed wildly inefficient. 

And inefficiency isn't something I'm fond of. 

Maybe it's hyper-apathy, maybe it's reluctance to conform, maybe it's just how I was raised.

But whatever it is, it's my favorite thing about myself. 

I'm proud of it! I want to yell it from the rooftops! I want to run up to strangers and tell them:

I AM ME. 100% ME. 

No additions. No subtractions. No compromises and no revisions. 

I am who I am, and that is my most glorious achievement. 



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