Why I Write

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 22:07 -- TraG27



I write to persuade.

I write to change minds.

I write to give praise.

I write to save lives.

I write for my freedom.

I write for my faith.

I write for the mistakes

In the past that I've made.


I write for my savior

Who died in my place.

I write of his mercy,

His love, and his grace.

I write to give others

A small little taste,

To show them exactly

Just what their hearts crave.


Writing is my life,

It's not just for fun.

I write to show meaning

Where others see none.

If my words touch a soul,

If they help even one,

Then consider my purpose

On this lonely earth done.


Every minute you make a difference

Is time that's well spent.

So I write to spread wealth

In a society of debt.

My words, they are honest,

But in writing they’re kept.

Word of mouth has no value

For we speak and forget.


I read to seek knowledge,

But I write to remember.

Reading may spark a flame,

But writing feeds all the embers.

In order to teach,

You must first understand.

So what God teaches me,

I shall trace, pen in hand.


I write to the blind

To help them see truth.

I write elders

To reveal there's still hope for the youth.

I write to make men

Out of all of these boys.

I write to rebuild

All that man has destroyed.


I'm a voice for the broken,

A guide for the lost,

A clear beam of light

For those trapped in the dark.

I’m a hero and protector

To all those in need

And probably the last

Of a slow dying breed.


His word is my shield.

My sword is this pen.

The Lord is my strength,

Which I shall keep till the end.

God speaks to man through man

And I humbly believe

When I write my dear savior

Is speaking through me.


He’s the reason I breathe.

He’s the reason I write.

He’s the reason I can even

Give meaning to life.

Though I was born in the darkness,

Still he leads me to light.

Though all about me is wrong,

He will teach me what’s right.


Through his power and might

I’ll continue to fight.

He never quit on me,

So I’ll die bringing glory to Christ.

The Lord brought me to life

And he will soon make me whole.

I write to spread the gospel,

The greatest story ever told.


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