Why I Write

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 05:50 -- Jewel


I write because my silence is the loudest voice I have ever heard.


I write when it's 3am and my head is spinning with truths that were afraid to surface in the daytime

When my words are so raw it almost scares me

When I am bursting with emotion and inspiration

About things that are, things that never should be

Things eating away at my night time sanity

Buth there is a method in my madness

Which leads to greatness

Becausein the end, I am free


I write to feel free

But maybe, I just write to feel

Because I am convinced I have the right to tingle with emotion

Because I love feeling the interrelations between my heart and my brain

Those tongue tied, tall tales of tough truths


I write to know that I am alive

To breathe again, to feel the blood running through my ink spottedd veins

Because every time these words run through my pen

I can feel my heart start beating again






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