Why I Write


Everyone has that one “hitch” the one that they either can’t or just won’t get over… and mines is poetry. The addiction is so premature and pure. I initially was only writing for class assignments, but I finally came to a realization that writing feeds the mind and clears the throat. Each word expressed is another breath taken, allowing me to relax. Some hide in secret, in fear or being exposed and having their lustful passion forcefully taken away from them. Not I. I flaunt my passion proudly. When writing, each word flows out of my mind faster than the one before it. Caressing the page, gently, before lying in plain sight. I write because of the many emotions expressed with just a single word. It’s like freedom that’s patiently waiting to be released. Sometimes, addictions are the reasons for a tragic death, but they could also be the only reason they’re still alive.


Need to talk?

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