Why I write


I write to give life 
To breathe breath on the page 
And for you to inhale it as you read

I write to revitalize the feebleness within
For when I lose my ‘me’ 
In the day-to-day breeze

I write like Cash for the “poor and beaten down 
Livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town”
Except you’ll always see bright colors on my back

Because I write to reflect my Creator’s face
That’s tangled in the warmth of the sun
And sea

I write for those lonely mountain-top moments
The wind steals my page
And sings the words back to me

I write for the pleasure 
In unplanned sessions of torn papers
And chewed pens

I write to strive
I strive to write
I write to love
I love to write
I write to cope
I write to heal
Healing is coping 
I write for feeling 
I write for the real 
No fake you’ll find between these lines
My life is signed

I write because my hands won’t know what else to do.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you write to live

you live to write

continue to express yourself proudly

great job

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