Why I Write


Why I Write


How else would I describe the setting sun?

The beauty of pink and yellow glow

How would I describe being in love?

When the boy and girl just know


What about the scents of the earth?

The smell of fresh cut grass

Or those emotions that surround us

Like the memories of the past


What about a shooting star

Simply just gone in a flash?

Cameras would do it no justice

As it makes a heavenly dash


Pictures don’t capture feelings

A photo can’t compare to a word

You can capture the flight of a sparrow

But you can’t show the grace of the bird


Stories can be descriptive

But often their beauty doesn’t reach

A poem’s words flow through the heart

Something a teacher couldn’t teach


How could I describe my aching heartbreak?

When love falls shattered to the floor

And could any other but a poem

Depict a majestic lion’s roar?


Paintings don’t even touch it

Showing our world in blues and golds

Sculptors can’t make life like poems

Words far out-reach their molds


I came to this art

When I realized these things

So much could not be expressed

Could I not fly on poetry’s wings


Words flow through the pen

And etch into your soul

To spread the beauty of the meaning

That is the final goal


I can express the sound of dragonflies

As they begin to take flight

I can describe the harmonious peace

On a particularly starry night


The depth of the waves

The light of the sky

See someone born

Watch someone die


I can finally use my senses

My taste, my touch, my sight

I began my poetry through this knowledge

This is why I write


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