Women's March

I went to the Women’s March

With my freshman year boyfriend

I cried and cried and he asked

“Why are you crying?

Isn’t this a good sign?”

He couldn’t understand.


I don’t just want a Women’s March–

I need a Women’s April

I need a Women’s May.

I want to turn twenty

On the seventeenth

Of Women’s October.


I want my husband to be my property–

I want to work and be educated

While he sits at home with our son,

Teaching him to cook and to clean and

How to read the Bible and–


I am challenged to turn the other cheek

And not seek my revenge,

But that bullshit’s still happening

It’s still god damn happening

The girls who feel pain just for being alive

While we rally in pink hats–


“But things are looking up!”
“Women have it worse in other countries.”
So I cannot be angry?

I can’t ask for more?

“Be grateful you live in a country

Where women are so well off.”

But every time I fill out an application and

Check off my gender–

The box for ‘M’ is always first

While the box for ‘F’ is always second.

But ‘female’ comes first in the alphabet

So why am I stuck behind?


“Isn’t this a good sign?”


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