Work In Progress

Nuts and bolts,

Clamps and scraps of metal,

Tools, joints, gloves, oil.


What are you making?


Screws, nails, chains,

Hinges, gasoline,

Matches, hammer, screwdriver.


I can't tell what it is.


Quartz, stainless steel,

Copper, bronze, gold,

Silver, zinc.


Why aren't you answering me?


Razor blades, water,

Razor wire, rope, apples,

Pills, bracelets, straps.


Answer me!


Glazed over eyes, devil horns,

Coffin lids, chemicals,

Smoke, ashes, dust, dirt.


Why aren't you talking to me!?


Scars, scratches,

Blood, curses.


What is this!? What is this!?


This is a work in progress. So shut up and let me work.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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