I am writing. Sometimes I write because I have no on to talk to. Sometimes I write because I don’t want to talk to anyone. I am a very individualistic person. I rarely ask for help and don’t like going outside of my comfort zone. I don’t talk to people that much if I don’t have to because it’s hard for me to find the words. I write because it comes easily. When I write it flows onto the page. My brain tells my hand what to write and soon a whole page is filled. I love writing- the way the pencil feels in my hand, the way I look when I am writing. I love to look at the way the letters and words look when I am done. Writing gives me a sense of purpose. Sometimes I wish I could be like one of the greats- not because I am any good, but because I love it. It makes me see why people start writing in the first place. To send a message to another person. To wage war. To declare independence. To have a voice without verbally saying anything. People come and go, but writing can live forever.

            Stroke after stroke, I am telling a story-my story. And even though it might not be much, writing it out makes me feel okay- and that is good.

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