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Sun, 06/09/2013 - 17:41 -- CSW0294


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Pressure is an odd thing,
It really, truly is.
Yes, pressure is an oddity
Made by human hands.
It can cut of your breathing
And slow down yourself.
It can make you feel restless
And want to scream and shout.
You can try to ignore it.
(But that really never helps)
You can try to suppress it.
(But that will fill you up with doubt)
You can go on avoiding it,
Fearfully peering through the mist.
You can never acknowledge it.
(But, trust me that will be a miss)
Instead, I write down my feelings.
I form my thoughts with my pen,
Pour my anger on the page.
It may not solve anything,
That much is true,
But it does a lot more good
Than just ranting to you.


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