Wrong Road

He was robbed of a chance when it took his breathe away
Lost his balance between the line of life and death
It blurred his eyes and stole his hope of change
Took the glitter from his eyes, replaced with pools of grey
It started young an addictive trait like a dare on death
Unstoppable, running fast through his veins
Cast a shadow of mistakes, his good was lost in pain
He knew it was no life, so he was ready for a change
Just know that even good intentions are sometimes just too late
One last trip was all it took, a harmless night of play
Hidden from the truth, his time was drifting away
When dancing with a lethal drug, it’s better to refrain
For when someone tried so hard but was still taken high above
That reminder of forever pain should be enough to keep at bay
~In memory of Corey~


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