The Year is Gone, We Have Changed


Life has been busy

I got accepted into university

Got rejected from my dream college

Went to many family members’ graduations

Fought in numerous family fights

Life has been busy


Friends have been constant

Always a dial away

Never close enough though

Saw a friend become a two face

Saw others defend such friend

Yet they are the ones I called when a loved one died

Friends have been constant


You do not pick family yet you have to love them

2016 saw my nephew turn 1

I was in the hospital on christmas day for a sibling

That said sibling was in the hospital a week ago

That day I was in the hospital for two times

One for her other for my drug addicted brother

my family was ripped apart in 2016

You do not pick your family yet you have to love them


First semester in college

I accomplished the dream, me in college

Made friends that I can trust

Saw myself failing my classes

Saw a horrible person get elected president of my country

Found out a friend that I trusted, supports DJT

He supports a person that called me “rapist, drug dealer, and a criminal”

Saw an even closer friend defend him

Felt loved by friends when they supported me in the time after the incident

Attended my first friends-giving

Passed my classes

I loved my friends

Made new dreams

First semester in college



I have changed from this stereotypical Mexican daughter to a freedom loving adult

I am not scared to go on public transportation alone anymore

I do not let someone use my gender as a reason to dictate my life

I was scared when Trump won now I am fueled by it

I will not let someone get away with all the hate he says

I became an even stronger fighter for equal rights and tolerance

I have learned to stand on my two feet instead of relying on family

Most importantly I found a piece of me I  did not know existed



This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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