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Wed, 06/19/2013 - 21:13 -- Keem_E


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You ever get so frustrated with the world, your heart begins to race your fingers start to curl, until your knuckles crack, searching for the reasoning behind your anger but the knowledge of it all you you sit back and try and withhold every ounce of the fire burning within, until you can no longer take it and pick up a pen.. writing with each ounce of blood your body holds, until the ink runs dry your gasping for air when the fire ignites even more.. suddenly a calm wave blows over and the flame sets low but how much longer will you be able to withstand it all and have a hold..on itself is tough every decision you make there is a reaction for every step that you take so before you let go or take your life with a switch blade get a grip on life work your mind and soul before you break..and if you break hold two middle fingers in the air cause this world of sins and false grins within society could set any man to cause a crime that would have him in the pin, think before the decision you make would it be worth it?.. No and you know it, so grow up don’t blow up its all pointless in this world of hell that we’re living in make the right choices push negativity aside and think again.. Despite all the ignorance and pain the hunger we gain fighting for the happiness while we’re too stuck in our own brains to realize the mistakes that we’ve made.. Take a step forward and blow the stress away in a sense of breathing exhale the pain and spit on its grave theres so much more to life than making the wrong decisions and going the wrong much more to life than taking our own or taking another’s before we’re even fully grown.. expect the disgusting things society gives out today but don’t accept it and live walking under skys of gray..put a smile on your face because there will be brighter days that is to precious for our own selves to take..look to God with teary eyes of praise because at the end of the day he’ll always be there with beautiful shines of sun rays…
..I just needed to breathe..I just needed to write to feel relief..before I accept defeat I’ll make known to it I’m a conqueror and I’m entirely discrete..I overcome I won’t fail and If I feel I’m going to I’ll fall to my knees..God got me..He got me..and now I can finally be at ease..


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