Your Soul Stones

There are stones rooted into your mind. 

These stones are the very core of who you are.

Even if you wanted to move them or refine them, their nature is unchangeable.


Some stones may be inscribed saying...

My family and friends come first. 

I owe my parents so much. 

I must do what I can to help those that cannot help themselves.

I must nurture and strengthen my talent.


But what makes you different are the stones that can be misunderstood by others.

These are the stones that define you.

These are the stones that allow you to be unique.


Some stones may be inscribed saying… 

I crave physical beauty because I crave physical sensation. 

I will beat this cancer before it beats me. 

I live for the adrenaline that pumps through my veins.

If need be, I am allowed to take a life.                             


When someone says they need to find out who they truly are,

They are simply looking past all things insignificant in shaping the person that they will become.

Leaving them with these stones allows them to see whom they innately are.

Though some people may misunderstand these stones, it does not make them any less of stones.


Everyone has a defining mentality and it is important to know how his or her soul is built. 

Some people simply cannot be influenced because they are built a certain way.

You cannot change a person without changing the entirety of that person.

Think before you speak and speak only when you know it will make a difference.







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