free verse love

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You were always the one for me, But you never knew me at all. You've seen me at my peaks, And you've witnessed my falls.  
It’s not perfectBut because I love youits imperfectionIt is the very definitionof perfectionfor me   A gentle squeeze of the handis sweaty  
So many people will come along who will tell you that your mind is a work of art. That your brain is the contemporary art of modern society- to some, there will only be lines and shapes,
Take this love off life support, you can’t play a God you don’t believe in. It’s either you or it’s me. There is no longer a you & I.
The first time she fell in love  was when she saw a piece of paper and felt an urge to spill her heart out. She wrote new realities because hers weren't so sweet. She sees the world as it is:
Love to me is like waking up on a Saturday morning,stretching my limbs and feeling free.Love to me is talking to you,about everything.Love to me is looking into your eyes,and seeing home.
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