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He didn’t fit into the “in crowd”Just because he wasn’t allowed.But coming home to screams and shouts.
​The Laughs Memorable Guy,
Love is caring about someone else more then you care about yourself
On August 11th, I overheard the news anchor talk, Someone was gone, and the world was in shock. From the genie in Aladdin, To Mrs. Doubtfire, He was the "friend in me", And a really good liar.
Suicide. I may or may not be the only one But it has crossed my mind. Honest truth. Then I think Taking my life will do so little of what I think. It will make things worse.
 Red bellied bird so sweet Chriping about with hopping feet A tune for a laugh, a smile spread cheek to cheek Robins have a knack for the humor we seek
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