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Echo, the beautiful cheerleader, loved to talk And once she had the last word, away she would walk.
2 hours 42 min ago
seven colours together make a rainbow in sky seven sounds together make plesant music seven days together
2 hours 44 min ago
Usually it’s when two people love each other, That ultimately leads to the birth of another,
2 hours 51 min ago
A path of blood began to flow From a dark creature long ago.
2 hours 52 min ago
Shadows have ears in the town where I live They'll take all your secrets so careful what you give
3 hours 3 min ago
Nyx is in a night club, she's under strobing lights The goddess smiles to herself at the familiar sights
3 hours 12 min ago
Eight: Extremities armed for the call of the wild; the hunter marches.
3 hours 17 min ago
What if the Gods and Goddesses of mythology were living in our modern day?
3 hours 29 min ago
As a boy he dreamed Dreamed of one thing He wished to play On a court for a team He felt he had skill
3 hours 43 min ago
I fell in love with a girl on Tuesday And then her smile on Wednesday
3 hours 48 min ago