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I fell in love with a girl on Tuesday And then her smile on Wednesday
4 hours 16 min ago
Maybe I’m a desperate, searching soul Seeking approval from strangers
4 hours 18 min ago
We tend to cut flowers Because we think it's pretty We tend to cut our skin Because we think we're ugly
4 hours 18 min ago
The sun shines in the willow tonight He has left me and my future is bright.  
4 hours 19 min ago
Hot breath ricocheted off the cabinet walls Wet and salty tears on the brink to be shed
4 hours 21 min ago
You're my favorite kind of happiness Whenever you lit up my gloomy day And when you help me survive a stressful day
4 hours 21 min ago
Teach me how to feel In this world that I lived in Teach me how to be alive And to feel anything from the inside
4 hours 23 min ago
Running out of time, counting down the days, the only dream I have,
4 hours 23 min ago
Don't come near me You'll burn yourself in my fires You'll froze yourself in my cold eyes
4 hours 27 min ago
Like angel bestows life aura of gold. The beats unfold me; heart left unknown. Long her kiss bewail brings a sick, her touch addicts me;
4 hours 31 min ago