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Lub Dub, Lub Dub, this is the noise your taught to hear as an emt, this is normal,
5 hours 44 min ago
Softly smiling, made of gold Melting gently something old. Growing quickly, like a weed
5 hours 49 min ago
Some think that it's too stoic and rigid, Some think that its a waste of time and breath.
5 hours 52 min ago
Eyes filled with angst and compassion that scan the figures around her analytically.
5 hours 53 min ago
I strive to be a scholar I hope my ship will sail To a journey of helping others To brighten up their day
6 hours 13 min ago
My solace is derived from a place of raw emotion, I’ve practiced the ability to dance with great devotion,Yet use no chord, no beat nor m
6 hours 16 min ago
What inspires me, you may ask Well, it starts with laughing babies They not know what laughing is
6 hours 25 min ago
It's not a secret life isn't alway easy.Sometimes it feels like the world wants certain
6 hours 30 min ago
My brain is full  Like a bee buzzing He has made its home within my thoughts 
6 hours 40 min ago
Because I love you I do things for you not seeking a refund  At the end of the day you are my muse 
6 hours 41 min ago