Am I, Who I Am?

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 14:02 -- symoney

Am I. Who I am

Or is who I am, What I'm supposed to be?

Do I conform to others,or do others conform to me?

Do I try to fit in like a lock and a key?

Or do I roll on my own like the waves and the sea?


Am I, Who I am?

All that I can truly be

Have I lived up to my potential, completely

If I died today without a clue to foresee

my future would I be content with who I’d come to be.


Am I, Who I am?

Is the question at hand

Do I march to my own beat of my own drum in my own band

Do I fight for what I believe, and stay where I stand?

Or do I wither away like a rock into sand?


Am I, Who I am?

I believe the answer is yes

When I am faced with a problem I put forth my best

When I stare in the eyes of adversity

I stand strong and say, “Watch out it’s me.”

And although failure can be a bumpy road

I would not choose another way to go ca

Because the failure in life that I come to face

the success that I will constantly chase

And the frustrations in life that put me in a jam

Make it possible to say I am, Who I am.



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