Because I am a Woman

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 22:49 -- kayking

Do you see my tears?


I am your toy. I am your "woman".

Do you hear my screams?


I say "I love you" only because it means you will stop for a minute.

Do you feel my pain?


You know what it is like to be an object.

You know what it is like to say things you do not mean.

Why can't I get away?

Because I like your attention even if it is negative...

Because I can change you...

I think...



Dating--such a rough but rewarding experience. Some women get caught in a sticky situation with men who are hurting so they cause that on their girlfriends. The women are generally dying for his attention, and almost all girls just want to "change" their bad-boy boyfriend--or at least they think they can. 

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