Crashing Down

My 2016 started off great
He was home, even if it was late.
Supposed to be back last July,
But that was before they thought he would die.
He's been in and out for the past three years,
My whole family always in tears.
But this January he was finally home
At home with his family, never alone.
As days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months,
March came around and we all had a hunch.
Something was wrong,
Somethings not right.
He couldn't breathe,
We all had a fright.
We rushed him to Duke and there he would stay
Until that very tragic day.
He stayed at Duke while months went by
Fighting all of what's inside.
The cancer was gone and everyone knew
He'd push through everything he was going through.
His lungs didn't work, nor his kidneys or heart,
All of his fighting tore us apart.
Then November came, the month of his birth,
Then came the day he entered the earth.
Regaining his strength, they sent him home
Everyones happy he's not alone.
His birthday passes, its the day after, see,
As his birthday passes, so does he.
Home with our family he passes away,
I cried all day, didn't know what to say.
I hope he's not in pain and finally at peace,
Now he's always with me, I know that at least.

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My family
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