the world in a daZe

it seems like its the end of days

the sun close u can feel it in the rays

lost child i cant get out of the maze

head high i still carry hope

even though all we was told is nope

the evil media got us strung by a rope

the lies in there eyes will be defeat and demise

what happened to the era where we could all rise

too much hate they got us picking sides

staying in the middle i feel the pain just a littlle

hating the hate figure out the riddle

trigger on the plate are we pre determined

or do we carry our own fate i mean for goodness sake

we still continue to take

the earth is biting back and they still pull the rake

these are just words the future is not fake

nor is the bottom of that waterless lake

or the crops with those burning grapes

so step on stage with a rage

for if we dont come together we all stuck in a cage

this is the coming of age

teach lessons to the youth before the hate has em in a daZe...







This poem is about: 
Our world


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