What is difference?

Why does society dislike the different?

Who is to say what is differrent?

No one is the same

Yet, we all want to be like someone else

No one is equal

yet everyone is equal.

We all have similar qualities

but we come in different quantities.

The more the people,

the more the difference.

What is difference?

Difference are your unique traits

your unique, unalienable traits.

No one can take them away from you

They are what make you, you.

Why does society dislike the different?

Soicety dislikes the different

because society is scared.

Society wants to do better

than the person next to them

Who is to say is different?


Different from what?

No one knows.

What I know,

is that im different from my family


and even you, reader.

We are different from everyone.

Difference is what makes you you

and makes me me.

What is the difference between you and I?

I am writing this poem,

and you are living it.


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