Don't Shrink

there are peopleputting themselves in a box,afraid to step on anyone's toes,never seeing that those,same people have their own feetresting low upon the box,pushing them out to sea.  So when i open my mouth,to speak my free,they turn around, hateful and scowling at me,wanting me to break, wanting me to bendwanting me to mold, give in to no end.Then it's not the enemy, that i dislike,it's These people that i could almost fight,these people who cower, shrinking their voicesfor people who don't run, who glide and skate,take up too much air, more than their share,never afraid and always up, waiting and pondering on the poor one's luck. So i move forward, not listening to their fear,i move forward, knowing something is nearthere is a stillness in the air that they can't hear,there's a history trail of blood clinging to my rear and ringing in my earnow i trudge forth, charging the groundnever looking left or right, don't care who's aroundi know only one thing-one thing left to know,u better lead your own way, that's the only way to go.I know now that i must not be afraidi know now the difference of life and death is only a dayi know now that breath,is only a second from still,that if i don't run, and i know i can't hide, i might as well stand in the red to be killed,i might as well hang my head down low,give in to all, that comes and goes.Let them know i'm ready to surrenderbut no, i keep on keeping on, letting no one end her,letting no one end the life that i carried,letting no one know that in the end, i verymuch would rather fall, than give them my last,but hey, if they'll take me regardless, might as well have a blast,might as well go on, smiling away,because in a country like this, for a person like me,today could very well bemy very last day

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